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Structural Integration Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ

Below are questions that have been frequently asked by our clients. To help further understanding, we are making them available to you, so you can be well informed before your first visit. 

What should I expect on my first Structural Integration (SI) session?

SI is a personal and educational process that focuses on specific areas of the entire body. Because of this, these areas need to be accessed. To protect the body and the individual, "viewing clothes" should be worn to assess these areas. For females this can be a two-piece bathing suit, full coverage bra and underwear, running shorts and sports bra or similar apparel. For males, this can be a pair of gym shorts or boxer briefs. A quick viewing will be performed at the beginning and end of each session.  During the session the client will be covered in a blanket on a warm heated table for comfort. The client should be prepared to move and be alert during most of the sessions. 

Does SI last?

Yes. Photographs taken before and after treatment, and then taken months to years later have shown lasting change. Of course its up the individual and his or her own awareness and habits that make up the success long-term. Clients can expect many changes to continue after they are finished with the 10 series. We call this a period of "integration" which often is a time period of 6-9 months.  After this period of time, advanced work is opened up to continue the work of change and progress on an individual basis.  

Are you a Chiropractor?

No. Chiropractors move and focus on bones. SI wants to change the atmosphere of the body, thus creating the opportunity of muscles and bones to move back to their proper environment. ​

What should I expect between SI sessions?

Your body is going through changes and integration. During this process please be aware of your body and be faithful with any re-patternings and awareness given from your practitioner. You may also experience soreness with the changes in your body. That could just be simply be a sign of things changing or from some deep work from the previous session. To aide in recovery, you can ice for 20 min, soak in Epson salts, drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of rest.

Can I exercise or work out between sessions?

Yes. But keep it in moderation to what you already know, or what you are capable of doing. Meaning, do not try to push yourself further or overexert your body just because you are feeling healthier or better.

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As Ida P. Rolf said, "More movement, is more life.

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