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If you have had a great experience with Pure Alignment Bodywork, Please tell us by email or phone!

Jamie S. | Salt Lake City, UT | 2016

"When a friend first sent me to Weston I had very little hope that I would be pain free ever again.  I had been told my only option was surgery. But I decided to give it a try before I went under the knife again. The only way to describe the experience is life changing. Not only do I wake up without pain, but I can now do more activities. Weston gave me my life back. Thank you to Weston, and my friend that referred me to him. My life will be forever be changed for the better."

Lori L. | Salt Lake City, UT | 2016

I suffered from Chronic Migraine for 5 years before finding Weston.  The doctors had me on every medication you could possibly think of, causing me to gain weight, have dizziness, stomach problems and just plain making my headaches worse.  I was even getting Botox shots every three months for the headaches. When I was referred to Weston, I  thought "I can't get any worse", so I gave him a try.  After the first session, my headaches were reduced drastically, and every week from there was nothing but progress.  Weston is so in tune to the body that he would relieve any discomfort upon discovery.  For the last 6 months I am headache free and taking no medication whatsoever!  I have my life back and have been able to lose weight and exercise.  My life is amazing now! - Thank You Weston! 

Greg | Utah | 2016

“Weston, skied 37,000 vertical today, you are my back star. . . :)”

Kerry | Holladay, UT | 2016

“In my early 40’s I was diagnosed with a chronic auto-immune disease resulting in constant pain and fatigue, which was then compounded by a back injury requiring surgery. More than 20 years of prescription drugs did nothing to alleviate my symptoms - in fact, the drugs often made them worse. Then I met Weston. His vast knowledge of nutrition and herbal supplements paired with his structural integration work has changed my life. I feel better now in my 60’s than at any time in the past 20+ years. Pain free, I’ve lost weight, eliminated all my prescription drugs, stand straight, and have more energy. Thank you Weston.”

Erinn L. | Park City, UT | 2015

"In 2001, when I was 24 years old, I stopped menstruating. After 6 months of being amenorrheic, I went to the head of Obstetrics and Gynecology at USC Medical Center and was told that I had entered a post-menopausal state, and that children would not be in my future. For the past 12 years, my health has suffered in such a way that I sought help alternatively and Naturopathically, since Western Medicine failed to help.


When I came to Weston in November of 2013, he quickly reassured me that my body was under immense stress, and we needed to help restore the strength and vitality of my Immune System. Two weeks after my initial consultation with him, my period returned after 12 years of being absent, and for the last 5 months, I have never felt better in my entire life! It is because of him, his guidance, intelligence, and incredible innate gifts that allow people to experience an amazing quality of life, and I am eternally grateful."

Mike | Texas | 2015

“It was good to get with someone who actually knew what they were talking about and didn't charge ridiculous prices for their service. Thanks Weston!”

Dauna | Salt Lake City, UT | 2015

"Thank you! Thank YOU! I have never been so comfortable in my own body. I'm Pretty sure I'm even taller! My sisters have noticed a difference. They say I look straight. Yes! Love the Change. :) Thank you for living your mission. It's seriously changing my life."


Ginger | Salt Lake City, UT | 2014

"After each session with Weston I physically feel lighter and longer and emotionally I feel stronger and more in control. Every session is an uplifting experience for the mind, body, and spirit."

Michelle | Salt Lake City, UT | 2014

"After seeing multiple doctors after an accident I had sustained, I was in my last thread of hope. I was in pain for a year and a half before I thought my love for running may be a thing of the past. Then I started Structural Integration (SI); and when I had my fourth SI session, I was without pain! Later, in a check-up with one of my doctors, he mentioned that whatever I was doing was working. I didn't need to come see him again! Six months after I finished the 10 sessions of SI, I ran my first half marathon! SI is brilliant and amazing work. Gave me hope! But most of all, my love for running back."

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