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Available Treatments


Structural Integration (SI) -- (FAQ)

Structural Integration is an alignment therapy of 10 sessions that focuses on the soft tissues of the body--most specifically the fascia. Fascia is the protective layer around muscles and can also be known as connective tissue. Fascia wraps around every single cell within the body and connects cells to organs, organs to organ systems and eventually wrapping the entire body. Structural, unlike deep tissue massage, focuses on specific areas of the body to relieve tension and possible adhesions in the fascia that can create compensation and pain. 


Structural Integration is helpful for all body types and ages. Weston has personally worked with newborn infants and toddlers to the elderly and has had lasting changes in all forms. 



Bio-Kinetic Testing (BKT) & Herbal Cleansing

Bio-Kinetic Testing is a form of muscle energy testing. This form of testing allows the practitioner to test the patient for specific ailments and underlying conditions happening in the body. By doing this, the practitioner has the ability to formulate a customized herbal regimen the client can take to reduce the ailments found. This can help pinpoint specific underlying issues such as systemic yeast (candida), viral infection, parasites, allergies, bacteria, heavy metals, radiation and many more items that undermine a body.  


Scar Work

Sometimes the scars we have can create havoc on the tissues around and below—and we don’t even know it. It is common for scars to cause pain and desensitize the skin by creating numbness of the affected area. Along with these physical ailments, scars can even have emotional effects—not to mention the actual disfiguring of the skin. Scarwork utilizes specific techniques to integrate the scar tissue back into the Fascial Web. It’s given by light tough to the skin to reduce pain, color, numbness and create, or restore, suppleness to the skin by evening out the scar, create new blood flow, nerves, and re-introduce the healing phase. Scarwork is done following surgery or injury. The results may differ by individual. 

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