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Educational Lectures

Learn about your health

Public Lectures by Weston Horne and various other professionals


Weston has had the chance to learn from many different and respected leaders in the natural health field. Including master herbalists, energy healers, advanced structural integration practitioners, doctors, nutritionists and many others. Recently Weston has been traveling to multiple cities in the United States to learn from a world-renowned certified nutritionalist, Lindsey Duncan.


Because of his extensive training and learning, Weston is extending his knowledge to those around him. He will be holding lectures in the community for those who would like gain knowledge about their bodies and learn nutrition on a paradigm never heard before. 



​Weston Horne and an assortment of other educators

Weston Horne has been teaching college for the past ten years. He started out as a Teaching Assistant, and because of his talent and ability to instruct—especially when coupled with passion—he quickly was offered an Instructor position at that college. Now Weston offers continuing education to his graduates and various other professionals who would like to pursue/enhance their skills, knowledge and education along with various other healthcare professionals.



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